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Members of the Year

Member of the Year 2023/2024

Asesoria Global Asglo SAS


Asesoria Global Asglo SAS (Columbia) was elected Member of the Year 2023/2024.

Rafael Robayo and his team have stood out this year for their special commitment to IECnet and have organized a successful AMER meeting in Cartagena in July 2023.

Rafael also put us in touch with our new Brazilian member Asscont - a great addition to IECnet.  Congratulations, Rafael!

Member of the Year 2022/2023

Dai Ha Consulting Company Limited


During his visit to Vietnam in December 2022, IECnet Chairman Vincent Domon (at the right) presented the award for IECnet Member of the Year 2022/2023 to Mr. Woo Joung Hoan from Dai Ha Consulting.

Dai Ha has been particularly committed to IECnet. We thank the complete team of Dai Ha for their tremendous effort on IECnet membership. Congratulations!

Member of the Year 2021/2022

United Auditing

United Arab Emirates

United Audit from the United Arab Emirates was selected as Member of the Year 2021/2022. United Audit, under the leadership of Manu Palerichal, has strengthened IECnet in the Asia Pacific region.

United Auditing is headquartered in Dubai incorporated in the year 2005. United Auditing and its associate professional firms (Emirates Chartered Accountants Group) are ISO 9001-2015 Certified International Chartered Accountants Firms.

Member of the Year 2020/21

Morera Asesores & Auditores


In the AGM of Buenos Aires, Morera Asesores & Auditores from Barcelona (Spain) was awarded the member of the year. Morera Asesores & Auditores has its origin in professional activities in the field of tax and accounting advice of Mr. Laureano Morera Bargués, who opened office in 1952, in Barcelona (Spain). With almost 70 years of experience, we are one of the most traditional firms in Barcelona, which has more than 30 professionals, in constant training, who provide services at the highest level to our clients. We have clients who have trusted us over several generations.

Member of the Year 2018/2019



In 2018-2019, the award goes to BIG 5, Russia, for their very active work in the IECnet Committee on Auditing, IECnet Audit presentations during IECnet meetings & updating the IECnet Audit Manual in the IECnet Intranet.

BIG 5 also hosted an impeccable EMEA in a country where IECnet had not have a meeting before. Irina Galay, CEO of BIG 5, present at the Lisbon AGM 2018, was honored to receive this trophy.

Member of the Year 2017/2018


Hong Kong

In 2017-2018, the award goes to GCCPA, Hong Kong, for its invaluable help in expanding IECnet membership growth in China.

GCCPA is an energetic Certified Public Accountants firm in Hong Kong with qualified, experienced and responsible members. GCCPA provides a full range of professional services, such as audit, accounting, tax advisory, company formation and secretarial services, for their clients to meet statutory and other specific requirements.

Member of the Year 2016



The IECnet 2016 Member of the Year is Avenir Group (Australia) .

David Odewahn from Holden & Bolster Avenir Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, receiving the trophy on behalf of Avenir Group during the 2016 AGM in Frankfurt, Germany.

Member of the Year 2015

Sakashita International Tax Accountant Co.


In 2015, the award goes to Sakashita International Tax Accountant Co, Tokyo, for its thorough research into the registration of the IECnet trademark in Japan.

For the past decade Sakashita International Tax Accountant Co has been providing accounting and tax consultation services focusing on international companies, in both English and Japanese, through global connections with associations such as JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the French Embassy, and the IECnet network. “We are experts in supporting your business with exclusive services” says Ms. Hiroko Sakashita.

Member of the Year 2014



In 2014, the award goes to the German tax firm GPC Tax (Berlin). It reflects the effort of GPC Tax in designing and conducting a seminar on international private investments, which was very well received. The seminar was held for staff members of IECnet’s member firms.

The award was presented to Daniel Ziska, partner of GPC Tax, at IECnet’s Annual General Meeting in Paris. “Education is one key factor in our knowledge driven industry” said Ziska, “an international organisation like IECnet gives a unique opportunity for jumping out of your own tax knowledge box and gaining new perspectives.” The seminar was based on working on case studies in internationally mixed groups of tax professionals.

Member of the Year 2013

Minyard and Co., P.C.


Michael Minyard, a Phoenix-area Certified Public Accountant and President of Minyard and Co., P.C. accepted the IECnet 2013 Member of the Year Award on behalf of his firm last week at the IECnet Annual General Meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

Michael Minyard & Co., P.C. was chosen to receive the award for its support of member firms and involvement in opening IECnet’s path to North America.

Member of the Year 2012

B&B Global Consultores SC


Ismael Bustamante from B AND B GLOBAL CONSULTORES SC received the award for creating strong links with other south & Central American firms.

Member of the Year 2011

Asep Rahmansyah & Rekan Registered Public Accountants


During the AGM in India, the first “member of the year’ award was handed to Asep Rahmansyah from our Indonesian member firm Asep Rahmansyah & Rekan Registered Public Accountants.

Asep received this award for his excellent contribution to a special project of IFAC Forum of Firms and the Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP) with regards to the professional/regulatory environment in Indonesia.

Representing IECnet, he gathered information about the status of developments to facilitate implementation of international standards, oversight and regulation of the profession, and attractiveness of the profession in Indonesia.

Honorary Members

To honor members who have rendered outstanding services to our network, IECnet appoints a member as an honorary member.

We thank all of them for the commitment they have shown to strengthen IECnet, to grow it and to establish the worldwide contacts.

Hervé Abouly 

Umberto Castellan †

Tony Cassidy †

David Genders, UK

Wim Meenink, The Netherlands

Thorbjørn Helmo Madsen, Denmark

Michel De Wolf, France

Miloud Stoti, Morocco

Vincent Domon, France

Geoffrey Fletcher, Portugal

Tobi Smit, The Netherlands

Oboud Baeshen, Saudi Arabia

Ramanand Balasubramanian, India

Stefano Ciccioriccio, Italy

Frederic Borràs, Spain

From left: Wim Meenink, Geoffrey Fletcher, David Genders, Bala Subramanian, Stefano Ciccioriccio, Helmo Madsen, Tobi Smit, Vincent Domon, Miloud Stoti, Frederic Borràs

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