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Tax Team

Arigo Ploy
Tax Team Chairman

Matt Bird
Member of the Tax Team

Hiroko Sakashita
Member of the Tax Team

Pallav Acharya
Member of the Tax Team

Eduardo A. Constante
Member of the Tax Team

Daniel Ziska
Member of the Tax Team

Manu Palerichal
Member of the Tax Team

Taxes in a nutshell


Taxes are a national or even regional business - solutions must therefore be found at national or regional level. However, if several countries want to tax sales, income, assets or succession according to their national law, international systems and exchange are needed.
For our member firms, we as IECnet's Tax.Team create the exchange on international tax issues and solutions. We organise seminars, panel discussions and workshops on international tax issues at IECnet's regional and international events and also online.
We tailor our events to different levels of expertise in order to provide an optimal platform for the partners and employees of our member firms.

Hang with us!

You can catch us at these and other exciting events we hold throughout the year.

Training on international tax law to grow expertise

IECnet Yellow Belt Sessions

The sessions provide a compact online training on international taxation in six connected modules. It is for those designed who want to have a structured insight into the mechanics of Double Taxation Agreements. The special feature of our training is that participants from different countries and continents learn and grow together.

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