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Committee on Auditing

Wassim Turki
Audit Committee Chairman

Anis Wahabi
Audit Committee member

Ismael Bustamante
Audit Committee member

Stephen O'Kane
Audit Committee member

Nikolai Slavianinov
Professional Practice Committee member (Committee on Audit)

Rania Andreou
Professional Practice Committee member (Committee on Audit)

Jean-Bernard Zeimet
Professional Practice Committee member (Committee on Audit)

Freydun Michael Badri
Professional Practice Committee member (Committee on Audit)

IECnet's Audit specialists around the world

Committee on Auditing

Most of our members are qualified auditors, regulated by their local authorities.

To provide an optimal level of service, IECnet’s Audit Committee has prepared an audit file for the use only of IECnet members. This file complies with all International Auditing Standards and includes all the information, working papers and questionnaires required by our members to lead an international audit.

IECnet is a member of IFAC’s Forum of Firms.

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You can catch us at these and other exciting events we hold throughout the year.

Stay up to date with IECnet

Audit Webinars

The Committee on Auditing regularly hosts online webinars to keep all IECnet members up to date. ISQM 1&2, ESG/CSR and ISA 600 (Revised) - our Committee on Audit is always up to date and helps all members stay informed.

ISA 600 (Revised) is applicable for years beginning on or after 15 December 2023 and is considered very relevant as our network is trying to increase its presence in the market for international groups.

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